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Record Suspension

Criminal Record Suspension

A Criminal Record Suspension (Pardon) seals a criminal record on the basis that a certain waiting period has passed and that the criminal record no longer reflects that person’s character.  It gives law abiding citizens an opportunity to reintegrate into society.

  • For a summary offence the applicant must wait ** 3 years or 5 years after their sentence is complete.
    (A sentence may include one or several of the following – probation, fines, restitution, community service, jail and/or parole)
  • For an indictable offence, the applicant must wait ** 5 years or 10 years after their sentence is complete.
    (A sentence may include one or several of the following – probation, fines, restitution, community service, jail and/or parole)
  • You are NOT eligible if you have any Schedule 1 offences (sexual offence involving a child) under the Criminal Records Act;  more than three (3) offences prosecuted by indictment each with a prison sentence of two (2) years or more (usually causing personal injury such as manslaughter)

A criminal record can affect your employment possibilities, travel opportunities, and your peace of mind.

** If your conviction date is prior to March 12, 2012 you will apply for a pardon.  If your conviction date is after March 13, 2012 you will apply for a record suspension.


Imagine a company that wants to downsize, suddenly requiring their employees to get a police clearance.  Imagine travelling into the United States and being denied entry in front of your friends, family or co-workers.  Even the stigma of having your past mistakes as a matter of public record for any law enforcement agency to access at any time can leave you feeling vulnerable.

The application process for a Criminal Record Suspension (Pardon) and US Entry Waiver is very complicated but with Pardon & Waiver Experts (PWE) we will make that process as easy as possible!  You simply give us some basic personal information and sign the required documents.  We will take your fingerprints on site or direct you to the nearest fingerprinting facility if you choose so we can access your criminal record.  A trip to a police station is not necessary.  You do not have to provide us with any exact dates or documents. We will obtain all documentation.

Remove the record and eliminate any potential problems.


The Parole Board of Canada regulates all of the requirements for a Record Suspension application.  They may change these requirements at ANY time and we must follow all requirements regardless of the date an application has been started.

The criminal record suspension (pardon) process consists of five main stages:

  • A criminal record search is done on a Canada Wide basis (RCMP certified fingerprints);
  • All court documents are gathered, including proof that all fines/restitution’s / surcharges and/or compensation orders have been paid in full and sentences served;
  • Written verification is obtained from the local police in every jurisdiction that the applicant has resided in for the past five years;   the police will indicate whether or not the applicant is involved in criminal activity or anything is missing from the criminal record;
  • A letter is written explaining the circumstances of each offence in detail, how a Criminal Record Suspension will benefit them and what they have done to change showing good behaviour;
  • The Parole Board of Canada is petitioned; upon verification that the applicant meets all requirements, has been of “good conduct” and has had ‘no’ trouble with the law since their last conviction, the Criminal Record Suspension may or may not be granted.

The length of time to process a record suspension (pardon) varies based on the applicants criminal record and specific requirements of the case.  It also depending on Parole Board of Canada’s legislation and may change at any time.  An applicant can expect to wait an average of 12 to 24 months for a record suspension (pardon) to be granted.  Call our offices for more up to date information.

When a Record Suspension (Pardon) Will Not Help You

A Criminal Record Suspension seals a criminal record in Canada, so that anyone checking for a criminal record would come up with a negative search.  If you are denied entry into the United States however, you are automatically entered into the Homeland Securities computer system, and a permanent record is logged. Once this occurs, a Criminal Record Suspension (Pardon) will not remove that record. You will then require a US Entry Waiver or you cannot enter the United States legally.

The key is to get a Criminal Record Suspension before crossing the border and hiding it from the United States.

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